October 2010 Field Letter

September 30, 2010

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In the October Field Letter Teresa discuss TCG’s commitment to global citizenship, involvement with the National Performing Arts Convention and advocacy efforts on behalf of the FCC White Space issue.

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September 2, 2010

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In the September Field Letter Teresa looks forward to the many exciting events that TCG is planning for the fall, including the 2010 TCG Fall Forum on Governance, Free Night of Theater, Field Conversations and our 50th anniversary celebration.

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Dear Friends,
We gain crucial information from Captivate, our elevator TV news service, as we ride the 24 floors to TCG’s offices. We learn new vocabulary words we never knew existed, how the markets are faring and various world news updates. Last week, a phrase flashed across the screen, “slow is the new fast.” It’s odd to read that on an elevator television monitor, which is pummeling us with news and advertisements when we could be having a moment of respite. Its message is also a far cry from the old Target motto, “speed is life!” It’s a reminder that even in fast times of rapid change and endless communication, there is an important place for “slow and steady wins the race.”  [Read More...]

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July 2, 2010 Field Letter

FIELD LETTER In this month’s Field Letter, executive director Teresa Eyring reflects upon the enormous success that was the 2010 TCG National Conference in Chicago. She recounts a number of her favorite moments and lesson, and writes of the importance of such events: “Our Conference saw record numbers of attendees during a period that has [...]

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