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Wild Apricot has compiled a list of five research reports, white papers and e-books that offer a range of insights for not-for-profits, associations and other membership organizations:

  • Pew Research: Smartphone Adoption and Usage
  • The 2011 Nonprofit Technology Network (NTEN) Community Survey Report
  • From Fundraising to Resource-Raising
  • Donor Stewardship: Making Virtual Friends for Life
  • The Online Fundraiser’s Checklist 2

Action: Visit Wild Apricot’s website for the full reports.

Cultural industries are economic powerhouses and states have the data to prove it, according to a new analysis from the NEA. Drawing on data from the Bureau of Economic Analysis, Arts and the GDP: Value Added by Selected Cultural Industries is a new NEA research note that examines the value added by three selected cultural industries: (1) performing arts, sports and museums; (2) motion pictures and sound recording; and (3) publishing (including software). Combined, these three cultural industries contributed a total of $278.4 billion to the U.S. economy in 2009. The NEA research note also looks at dollars and jobs added to individual state economies by these cultural industries.

Each year, the Bureau of Economic Analysis estimates the value added by major industry groups, including performing arts, sports and museums. “Value added” refers to an industry’s contribution to the U.S. economy through its labor and capital, excluding material and energy costs.

A sampling of findings:

  • In 2009, the performing arts, sports, and museums added $70.9 billion to the U.S. economy.
  • Additional spending on the performing arts generates more new jobs in Utah, North Carolina, Ohio and Georgia.  In each of these states, more than 45 new jobs are generated for every additional million dollars in performing arts production.

Action: Visit the NEA website to view the report.

The NEA looks at future job prospects for a variety of artist occupations in Artist Employment Projections through 2018, which examines the projected growth rate for artist occupations through 2018. The NEA note explores expected trends for more than a dozen artist and cultural occupations, including designers, writers, fine and multimedia artists, archivists, architects, camera operators and musicians. In addition to occupation growth rate, the note also looks at the projected competition for jobs as well as the industry trends and macroeconomic factors that influence the demand for arts workers.

Action: Visit the NEA to view the report and research notes.

Enchant Your Employees! Ten Tips for a Better Employer-Employee Relationship

July 22, 2011 Management & Research

Check out this post in Harvard Business Review (HBR)’s blog titled Enchant Your Employees. It offers ten great tips for how to create a relationship with employees that is deep, delightful and long-lasting. Action: Visit HBR to view the post.

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Daring to Lead Results and Reports Released

July 22, 2011 Management & Research

More than 3,000 executive directors participated in Daring to Lead 2011, the third Daring to Lead national study produced in partnership by CompassPoint and the Meyer Foundation, with previous studies published in 2001 and 2006. Explore their website for reports, current findings and to learn about the implications for not-for-profit executives and boards, philanthropy and [...]

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Results from the 2011 Millennial Donor Survey

July 12, 2011 Management & Research

Achieve and Johnson Grossnickle and Associates (JGA) has released the findings of their second nationwide research study focused on the giving habits and preferences of Millennials. The findings of these surveys have been used to help not-for-profit organizations work better with the next generation of volunteers and donors. Their website,, is a platform to [...]

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ELNYA Fellowship Application

June 23, 2011 Management & Research

The Emerging Leaders of New York Arts (ELNYA) is accepting applications for its new Fellows Program. The program will offer young arts professionals and advocates an opportunity to collaboratively create ELNYA programming and activities, lead event planning efforts, attend board meetings, manage volunteers and build partnerships with other organizations. Fellows will gain hands-on leadership experience, [...]

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New NFF Reports—Change Capital in the Arts

June 21, 2011 Management & Research

The Nonprofit Finance Fund has published a series of documents stemming from its Leading for the Future initiative to help arts organizations adapt their programming, operations and finances to thrive in a changed and changing, economic and cultural landscape. Three new publications are now available: 1) The case for Change Capital in the Arts discusses [...]

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Help VSA by Completing a Quick Survey

June 10, 2011 Management & Research

VSA, The International Organization on Arts and Disabilities, is conducting a survey in order to better serve the needs of artists with disabilities. Please complete the 5 to 10-minute survey with regards to your performing arts organization’s training programs for artists ages 18-24. An independent evaluation firm is managing the survey and will keep all [...]

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New Report on Racial Diversity in the Not-for-Profit Sector

June 9, 2011 Management & Research

A report produced by Commongood Careers and Level Playing Field Institute, titled The Voice of Nonprofit Talent: Diversity in the Workplace, examines racial diversity in the not-for-profit workforce and proposes recommendations to help not-for-profits place their values into action in an effort to produce and sustain organizational diversity. Action: Visit Commongood Careers to learn more [...]

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