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This begins what I hope will be a regular series highlighting what’s happening in the various aspects of producing theatre. Up first: Marketing! Marketing on the move: Reaching out to potential audience members through their mobile devices has been gaining traction, primarily through location based social media like Foursquare. Now theatres are taking it one [...]


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I’m working with a small group of Packard Foundation grantees on a social media lab where they are implementing different social media experiments.  Part of the process includes regular check-in calls to reflect on what we’re learning.  I have been thinking a lot about actionable social media measurement strategies that are fit and trim and [...]

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DIY: Lumpia Campesina (Filipino Eggroll)

by Ashley Faison April 1, 2010 American Theatre magazine
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American Theatre magazine’s April “Food Issue” has hit the stands! This issue explores (among other things) the relationship between food and theatre (complete with eight great tear-out recipe cards, suitable for using, abusing, spilling on, scribbling on and filing away). How do we know these eight recipes make for such a fine and fancy feast? [...]

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Foursquare: A Potential Boon for Theatres?

by Claire Mazur March 22, 2010 Do It Yourself
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I’ve been working for TCG for a little over a year, and in that time I’ve seen social media usage by our member theatres (and by us!) grow exponentially. This can largely be attributed to the fact that around the same moment that social media began to move beyond the boundaries of the personal to [...]

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DIY: How to Create This Blog

by Katie Barry March 22, 2010 Do It Yourself

First, figure out what you want. In our case, TCG’s social media team was looking for a blog to post updates on, especially in between our big monthly publications like the Bulletin and the magazine. We also wanted a place to pull together content from our other blogs, A-ha! and Teresa’s Travel Blog. We wanted [...]

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