Global Citizenship Salons

Global Citizenship Salons

The following TCG Circle salon series are all connected to TCG’s Core Value of Global Citizenship and commitment to international collaboration. If you would like to participate in any of these series, please email Gus Schulenburg.

  1. Global Connections salon
  2. Artist/Immigrant salon
  3. Fulbright Stories salon
  4. Generation Without Borders salon
  5. World Theatre Day salon
  6. Global Citizenship salon

Global Connections salon

This salon features essays, travelogues and reports from our Global Connections grantees. Learn more about the Global Connections grant program here.

The Spectrum of Signed Languages by David Kurs

Seeing the New Geographies by Paula Cizmar

International Encounters by Aaron Landsman

Arresting Moments of Theatre by Gabriel Quinn Bauriedel

Expectations by Megan Campisi

Tricklock goes to Africa. Part One. by Juli Hendren

A Subtle Equation by Megan Campisi

On Broadway with Pedro by Pedro Salazar and Saviana Stanescu

Going in Blind: A Crash Course in Stagecraft with Samuel Beckett by Pamela Sabaugh

Theatre Beyond the Stage by Tamilla Woodard

Forging New Sounds by Steve Cosson

Conversation as Art by Sara Kerastas

Me. You and Me. The Group. by Ioli Andreadi

The 1984 Project: Part 2 by Deen

The 1984 Project: The First Interview by Rita Suri

Technology in Theater: One Step Ahead by Brett Elliott

Experience the Difference: The American Anti-Torture Play “Another Life” Goes to London by Karen Malpede

Punks’ Carnival by Jacob Titus

Swimming to Shanghai (and Beijing) by Corey Fischer

Guerra: A Clown Play, Arrives! by Seth Bockley and Devon de Mayo

(de)Trashing Lebanon by Denise Maroney

Start Something From Nothing by Katy Rubin

Group Intelligence by Ariel Fristoe

Guerra: A Clown Play by Seth Bockley and Devon de Mayo

Congo Project: The Play in Nyanga by Kate Sutton-Johnson

This Road is Forbidden. Let’s Go! by Karen Malpede

No Pleasure, No Clown by Fernando Cordova Hernandez

Casting Our Nets by Denise Maroney

Mixing my Metamediums, Part 1: An Apple in Time by Carmen C. Wong

Congo Project: The Play in Indo by Kate Sutton-Johnson

Cardboard Citizens: the Geography of Homelessness and the Art of Outreach by Katy Rubin

The Tommy Guns of Mexico City by Seth Bockley and Devon de Mayo

The Chuanju Western by Liza Bielby

Congo Project: Where We Started by Kate Sutton-Johnson

Minding the Gap, Part Two by Katy Rubin

Minding the Gap, Part One by Katy Rubin

The Language of the Moment by Seth Bockley and Devon de Mayo

Notes From Rwanda by Erik Ehn

The Emigrant Project by Rebecca Gilman

Another Life: One More Step on the Road by Karen Malpede

Another Life on the Road by Karen Malpede

Global Connections: To Moscow by Woolly Mammoth Theatre Company

Global Connections Begins by August Schulenburg

Artist/Immigrant salon

The Artist/Immigrant blog salon is curated by Marcy Arlin and features interviews with theatre artists who identify as immigrants. To participate in this and any other TCG Circle salon, please email Gus Schulenburg.

Artist, Immigrant: Dmitry Troyanovsky

Artist, Immigrant: Christine Evans

Artist, Immigrant: Andrew Guilarte

Artist, Immigrant: Cosmin Chivu

Artist, Immigrant: Tran T Thuc Hanh

Artist, Immigrant: Daniel Jáquez

Artist, Immigrant: Abraham J. Amkpa

Artist, Immigrant: Lanna Joffrey

Artist, Immigrant: Tony Naumovski

Artist, Immigrant: Natalia de Campos

Artist, Immigrant: Henry Ong

Artist, Immigrant: Gloria Zelaya

Artist, Immigrant: Andreas Robertz

Artist, Immigrant: Teresa Yenque

Artist, Immigrant: Mahmood Karimi-Hakak

Artist, Immigrant: Handan Ozbilgin

Artist, Immigrant: Yussef El Guindi

Artist, Immigrant: Irina Kruzhilina

Artist, Immigrant: Chiori Miyagawa

Artist, Immigrant: Jojo Gonzalez

Fulbright Stories salon

In this series, we’ll be speaking with theatre practitioners who received a Fulbright grant to live and work abroad. The Fulbright program, sponsored by the U.S. Department of State, offers opportunities for artists to undertake research, teaching and study and is designed to increase mutual understanding between the people of the United States and the people of other countries. In exploring TCG’s core value of Global Citizenship, we hope this series can inform and inspire theatre-makers to deepen and enrich their work globally. To participate in this or any other series, please email Gus Schulenburg.

Fulbrighting in Foreign Land: Ripples in the Pond by Eric Trules

Fulbright Stories: Maureen Towey by Jake Lasser

Fulbright Stories:Emily Mendelsohn by Jake Lasser

Fulbright Stories: Roberta Levitow by Jaki Bradley

Generation Without Borders salon

Generation Without Borders is an essay series created by TCG for the 50th Anniversary of World Theatre Day. Submit your own essay for consideration to Gus Schulenburg.

Misinterpretations by Ian Rowlands

The Countable and Uncountable Definitions of Theatre by Patricia Masera

Prometheus Unbound by Wilfredo Hernandez

Going Beyond Borders with Young Theatre-Makers by Emily Goulding

Generation Without Gatekeepers by Cory Tamler

On Borders, Old and New by Amanda Quaid

Where I Stand On History’s Timeline by Nina Yarbrough

A Story Through Customs by Will Kiley

Toward a Visible Theatre by Caridad Svich

World Theatre Day salon

The World Theatre Day salon shares essays and reports from TCG’s World Theatre Day activities. 

 Danza Abierta by Mara Isaacs

Iraq Theatre Book Donation for World Theatre Day by August Schulenburg

Cuban Theater Looks Into the Future by David Lozano

John Malkovich’s World Theatre Day 2012 Address

SHINSAI at Cooper Union by August Schulenburg

Global Citizenship

This open salon focuses on essays connected to TCG’s Core Value of Global Citizenship, with a special focus on international collaboration and advocacy for international artists in crisis. To participate in this or any other series, please email Gus Schulenburg.

Another Opening, Another Show by Blair Ruble and Barbara Lanciers

Dear China, The American Dream is More Than Money by Elise Lammers

Driving Through the Red Lights by Aizzah Fatima

“It’s a revolution, not a coup.” by Erin B. Mee

Artists in Egypt Update, July 1 by Dalia Basiouny

Attempt to Disperse Artists in Egypt Fails by Erin B. Mee

Update on Trouble for Artists in Egypt by Nehad Salaiha

Trouble for Artists in Egypt by Erin B. Mee

The Worst Times, the Best Poetry by Jessica Lewis

Interview with Lloyd Nyikadzino by Jessica Lewis

Co-founder of Freedom Theatre Zakaria Zubeidi Released

The Freedom Theatre’s Zakaria Zubeidi on Hunger Strike

ReOrient by Jessica Lewis

hotINK at the Lark: Introducing New Plays From Abroad by Catherine Coray

Report on the arrest, detention and release of the Freedom Theatre of Jenin’s artistic director by Ismail Khalidi

LaMaMa Umbria by Lauren Sanders

International Music Theatre Now by Jessica Lewis

Ripples From Palestine Membership Into UNESCO by Emilya Cachapero

Political Asylum for Belarus Free Theatre by Catherine Coray

U.S./México Playwright Exchange by Jessica Lewis

Honoring Odile Gakire Katese by Marcy Arlin

We Are The Diplomats by Ellen Joffred

Bogotá Theater Groups Threatened with Exile or Death by Steve Cosson

More from the Artists of Japan by Aya Ogawa

From Artists In Tokyo by Aya Ogawa

Pictures From The Protest by August Schulenburg

Update On Belarus Free Theatre by Rob Weinert-Kendt

BFD About BFT by Rob Weinert-Kendt

A Petition for Hungary by August Schulenburg

Statement from Belarus Free Theatre by August Schulenburg

Freedom of Speech Issues in Belarus and Hungary by Teresa Eyring

The National Theatre of Kosovo in Crisis by Karen Malpede

Acting Together On The World Stage, Part 3 by August Schulenburg

Acting Together On The World Stage, The Round Up by August Schulenburg